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Familiaris Consortio [Apostolic Exhortation: Nevertheless, a pattern in the brain is established, and when the person experiences an emotional trigger, the urge to masturbate may be extremely strong. It is usually done with the goal of achieving sexual climax, sexual gratification, or the release of sexual tension. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts Rom And this harem, once admitted, works against his ever getting out and really uniting with a real woman.

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Selfishness leads to an obsession with self-pleasure and with a failure to understand the true nature of love as that of self-giving and receiving.

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Sexual Addictions Advances in neuroscience have demonstrated what was long known by confessors, namely, that masturbation is highly addictive and that once a habit of masturbation is established, it is difficult to break. Growth in appreciation for one's God- given gifts, in chaste same-sex friendships, in friendship with the Lord, and in trust can contribute to the resolution of these loneliness and confidence conflicts. The deliberate use of the sexual faculty outside normal conjugal relations essentially contradicts the ultimate purpose of the sexual faculty Some theologians have associated it with the sin of Onan, who practiced withdrawal to avoid fulfilling his duty to his brother's widow Gen. The anger associated with the hurts that give rise to loneliness, weaknesses in confidence, and anxiety need to be uncovered and addressed through growth in the virtue of forgiveness Enright and Fitzgibbons

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masturbate saint paul
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