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Lotto game rules and odds- Saturday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto. Lotto Family number frequency (XLSX). MB Draw results. Lotto Family all draw results (XLSX). MB. Strike all Game rules. Lotto (PDF). MB. promote the National Lottery and constituent lottery games in the Republic of South Africa. These Rules apply to the Games of LOTTO & LOTTO Plus which. Download the Lotto Game Rules PDF. The draw takes place every Saturday morning at Click here to read the FreeLotto Terms and Conditions. Overall chances are 1 in Click here for details. All Lottery bets are based on numbers drawn in the New York Lotto main draw. You are responsible for claiming any prizes that you may win as further described below. Unless otherwise stated, bonus or extra balls drawn do not count for Lotto bets. My subscription is over and I want to replay my numbers. What happens when my subscription ends? Singapore Lottery is based on the Official Singapore Pools Toto draw, which takes place every Monday and Thursday. Check with your Lottery retailer for the winning numbers. If you played Lotto with Extra Shot, you have 6 more chances to win Lotto non-jackpot prizes! You are responsible for checking that the information it contains is correct - your numbers, the days you wish to play, the number of weeks and the draw date s. Lotto with Extra Shot Subscriptions FAQs What length of subscriptions are available for Lotto? You can then add those numbers to your cart as is, or make edits to your subscription details. Then, select the number of tickets you want to purchase, pick your numbers, and select the number of drawings you would like to purchase.

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